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Is your van ready for summer?

Summer is here, the sun is out, and driving in the sun is so much more enjoyable! But don’t hit the road just yet, it is important to make sure that your van is as ready for the road as you are. It is important to give your van a good looking over to ensure it is tip top driving condition.

Do your initial checks. After driving in bad weather conditions for months on end, it is important to check that everything is in good working order. Are the tyres in good condition? Are all the nuts and bolts correctly attached and tightened?

Some of these checks may need to be carried out by a specialist. Summer is the ideal time of year to get your van serviced, even if it isn’t time for your MOT. A mechanic can check elements of your vehicle such as brake fluid levels and change this as and when necessary.  It doesn’t need to cost a fortune and can really provide you with the peace-of-mind that your van is in great working order.

Do your tyres have enough tread? Checking your tyres is really important. Tyres give your bike the necessary grip on the road and provide a sense of control whilst you are driving. A low tyre tread might be just as well replacing now, as waiting until mid-way through the summer may be false economy. Not only are you risking an accident on tyres that are almost due for changing, but it provides you with peace of mind that you will be driving round in a safe van. Makes the most of your van during the summer months and make all the necessary checks and changes today.

Give your van a spring clean. As with everything, summer is a great season for getting rid of the cobwebs and starting a fresh. Give your van a post winter clean and polish ready to wow. Just make sure you don’t put washing-up liquid in the water as it contains salt which will play havoc with the paint work. You can use exactly the same products that you use on your car in and on your van!