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Ply Lining Your Commercial Van

Your van needs to be maintained to a good standard; which means that you will regularly need to carry out a check list of items to ensure it doesn’t end up needing unnecessary repairs due to premature wear and tear. One way that you can help towards this can be by fitting a ply lining inside your vehicle.

Ply lining means having sections of plywood attached to the inside of your cargo area or, in some cases, the passenger cab also. There are a number of benefits and advantages to this; with most commercial vehicles it is extremely likely that heavy and large items will be transported and moved within the cargo area, all of which can cause damage. Fitting a ply lining to commercial van such as a Ford Transit or Ford Transit Connect can significantly protect and deter scrapes and bumps that happen over its working life.

For ease of installation most suppliers sell kits that are already measured and prepared for easy installation straight from the container depending upon your model. This also means that should you need to replace a certain panel it will be just as easy to remove. Should you be good with your hands you may well be able to make your own ply lining panels for your van. This will, of course, take more time than buying the parts but will certainly work just as well; it just depends on your handicraft skills!

When it comes to selling your van, you will find that ply lining is a great advantage; removing the panels will give a potential buyer a good impression that the vehicle has been looked after and is a good investment. Should you be looking to invest in a new commercial van you will find that many do not have ply lining as standard, some newer models though may have similar and just as effective systems in place.

For many companies, a van is one of the largest investments that they will have to make, so this small investment could mean an overall saving and will stop wear and tear, meaning you won’t have to purchase a new vehicle due to unnecessary damage.

Once you have ply lining in place it means you are ready to have any other accessories added to help with space saving and safety. Items such as shelving, racking and window mesh can help with a wide number of features such as safety, space saving and security.