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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you value the price for my van?

We buy and sell thousands of vehicle’s every year, we have easy access to prices that vans are currently achieving in the market.

How and when will I receive my money?

We can pay by cash if 2 forms of identification is produced (one must be a photo card ID), or we can pay by bank transfer, which ever payment method suites you.

I cannot find my van on your website?

We buy almost all makes and models. If you can’t find your van on our website, just drop an e-mail in with the details of your car or phone 07730 335774 for an instant quote..

I do not have a V5 registration document?

For us to buy your van, we need the original V5 document also known as a ‘log book’. If you do not have one you can obtain a new document by filling a V62 form which you can pick up from any local Post Office.

What kind of vans do you buy?

We buy almost any vehicles which are available, from £100 to £100,000+

What if my van has been damaged in an accident?

If your van is damaged or was damaged and is repaired now, we can still purchase the van depending on the level of damage.

I have not received my valuation email?

Valuation emails typically arrive in a couple of minutes, however, on occasion this may take slightly longer. It is important that you check your junk or spam emails as you may have certain filters installed that prevent the email reaching your inbox. If you have not received your email within a couple of hours please contact us at email address, and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Will you guarantee my quote?

All of our quotes are subject to an inspection of the van. This is to confirm that the van is in the same condition as you stated in your valuation request. We carry out an inspection of every vehicle before we guarantee the offer, no matter on what specifications you submit in your application.

Do you purchase vans from outside the UK?

At present we only buy vans from mainland UK.

My van is not is great working condition, will you still buy it?

Yes. We do our utmost to try and purchase every van that we receive an estimate for. Wear and tear and other issues with vans are just part and parcel of their duration, so as long as you are honest with us when submitting your valuation request, there is an extremely high chance that we’ll buy your van from you.

Is there a fee if I decide not to sell my van to you?

No, there is no fee if you decide not to sell your van to us. Our initial service is purely just a valuation with no hidden ties.

Will I lose my private registration plates if I sell my van to you?

No, you can reassign your private plate to another van or vehicle or put the registration onto a retention certificate so that it can be reassigned to another vehicle at a later date. This however, needs to be completed between yourselves and the DVLA.

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